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Family-owned & locally operated right here in the Colorado Front Range

Call us to schedule an appointment and we will walk you through the process. Just choose the finishing materials, like the tile and shower faucet and we will handle the rest. Our work speaks for itself.

Home Remodeling

Save Money By Hiring Experts

Do you automatically say “I’d just DIY it!” after Googling “kitchen remodel contractors near me?” We don’t blame you. At first glance, the price of remodeling your kitchen can be heart-stopping at first. And although DIY make it seem that it can help save you a ton of money… It will take forever and a day to get your kitchen done, and you have to sacrifice your schedule for it.
And more often than not, the end result is a stark wakeup call between expectation and reality. But when you hire experts:
  • You get your kitchen done in record time.
  • There’s no trial and error on what fixture, or material to use.
  • You have someone who listens and find solutions for your kitchen remodeling concerns.
  • You don’t have to miss work or sacrifice family time to get everything done.
  • You get exactly what you want for your new kitchen


Home Remodeling

CRJ did an awesome job with our kitchen floor! They were responsive, pleasant, professional, had good communication, were on time, and most importantly, did a great job! We are so happy with the results and look forward to working with Monica and her team again.

Bliss Bernal

Home Remodeling

I have used CRJ twice now - once, to add a bathroom to a basement, and then again to install a tile backsplash in the kitchen. They offered great pricing, were communicative every step of the way, and both projects turned out beautifully. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again!

Charissa Walton

Home Remodeling

Remodeled three bathrooms. We were very impressed with the attention to detail. Always on time, professional, easy to reach. GREAT work!

Toni Starner​


We’re Homeowners’ #1 Choice for Remodeling

  • 90-day Labor Guarantee
  • 5 years in the remodeling industry
  • Experts with 45 years of experience
  • Locally owned and operated in Denver
  • Licensed and insured
  • Homeowner-focused service

CRJ Remodeling has been in the business of making kitchens beautiful in Denver and Colorado for 5 years. After remodeling more than a thousand kitchens, we understand that homeowners like you not only need professionalism…

But also someone who will still consider your needs, preferences, and present resources for ramping up your kitchen.

We are licensed and insured to serve houses in Colorado and offer a 90-day labor satisfaction guarantee. 

Take advantage of our foreman’s 45 years of experience and get expert advice and what’s best for you. 

Here's how it works:

Home Remodeling

If you are looking for peace of mind and a sense of security, the best place to start would be your home. Think about it.

Basement Remodel

“What’s the best remodel near me?” We have a complete team of basement contractors committed to an outstanding remodel, answering the question so often asked.

Kitchen Remodel
There’s no better way to get a home that you’re eager to live in than one remodeled by experts. Think about it.
Bathroom Remodeling
Do you think your home could use a bathroom remodeling? Look no further than our bathroom remodel contractors.
Broken and rotting deck planks? Wobbly hand railings and dilapidated balusters? These will be things of the past once we at CRJ Remodelling
Frame & Drywall
Having problems with vacant wall sockets, unsightly dents and rotting wall panels due to water damage? We can make all those vanish and replace it with a pristine new wall.

We take great pride in our exterior and interior house painting services. Some companies merely paint houses.

Ready To Make Your Dream Kitchen Come True?

Then don’t settle for less and let the experts for the “best kitchen remodelers near me” take over!
All you have to do is:
  1. Call us for your kitchen remodeling. 
  2. We’ll head over and give you a FREE quote for the scope of work, materials, and what needs to be done. 
  3. Once we agree, construction starts, and the countdown begins. 
  4. Everything is precisely measured for a successful project
  5. Then we’ll proceed with the demo frame, plumbing, electrical, and drywall paint.

Of course, how fast we complete the project will depend on what needs to be done on your kitchen. Simple remodeling requests finish faster compared to grand remodeling plans. 

Don’t worry; we’ll include you in the process from start to finish. Even though we’ll be taking the whole project out of your hands, our team will give you updates on the progress. 

This way, you’ll get the most satisfactory service for “kitchen remodel near me” than in any other remodeling company. 

Although we have someone to answer your call anytime of the day, any day of the week, the best time to call us:from 7 am-7 pm (MST), Monday to Friday.